1. In order to keep the machine beautiful and wearing well, you should clean the machine timely.
  2. Please cut off the power before cleaning and disparting front guard and blade. Clean the machine with soft besome and cloth, if possible and you can use some cleanser ( please don’t use gas or other corrosive liquit ) after cleaning please dry the guard and blade with dry cloth, then install the machine reversedly. ( Attention : mist system inside misting plate can’t be disparted ).
  3. Please don’t let water flow into the motor and wet electric elements during cleaning, also don’t crash the blade and change the angle of the blade.
  4. In order to keep water clean in water tank, please wash the water tank, water-receiving plate at a proper time.
  5. To ensure machine can oscillate smoothly, please add grease oil to the rotary part of oscillating mechanism per a half year.
  6. Please clean the machine and seal the whole machine with plastic bag when the machine not being used for a long time.


  1. Under the normal using conditions, the user can change a new one free and get free repair from seller in one yaer ( from the date of purchase ) if quality problem happened.
  2. We can promise to repair the machine forever, (but the repair should be charged after one year).
  3. We can’t give warranty if following problems happened :
  • a. The fault is caused by incorrect disport, amendment and repair without proceeded by our company.
  • b. The fault is caused by natural disaster or incorrect operation.
  • c. The machine is not sealed by seller and without purchasing date.


  1. When opening packing box, please take machine head out as per direction sign.
  2. Don’t insert hands or any objects into the machine guards and misting plate.
  3. Upward and downward angle of machine must be adjusted within stated angle range.
  4. Don’t install the machine close to curtain and other esy inhalation.
  5. Children, elders and weak people can’t stand in front of the machine for along time.
  6. If the power cord is broken, please ask professional person to change it with special tools.
  7. Please rush cut off the power and send the machine to our factory or appointed repair store to repair by qualified maintenance man if the running machine emit unusual noise, smoke or machine blade can not run after power supply.
  8. Except maintenance scope unprofessional person can’t dispart, repair and amend the machine.
  9. Take away moistureproof things when srarting mist function in order to avoid moisture.


Please refer to this sketch map during installation, check carefully all parts before installing to avoid lack or damage during transportation. Gently take and move all parts to avoid damage.

  1. Install wall mount
    • Use theree pieces of M12 (The length of bulgy bolt should not be shorter than 80mm, when take out the bolt’ shead, its height should not be taller than 28mm) inflate bolts to fix the wall mount support on wall.
    • Install mounting elbow in the wall mount, make M8X45bolts aim 08 holes of mounting elbow, and fasten the bolts. See picture as below.
  2. Take out and install the water pump.
    • Take out water pump carefully before breaking foam. Don’t take out water pump by pulling power cord and water pipe.
    • Connect the water pump pipe on the left of ball-valve with water pump tie in, then fix the water pump pipe hoop.
    • Place water pump upright on beamed trought in water tank correctly, fix the water pump on the bottom of water tank by using the four pieces of osculum on the bottom of water pump. (Pay attention to the direction of water pump).
    • Place power cord of water pump in the outlet trought, then cover the water tank cover well. See picture 2 as below.
  3. untitled-1

  4. Istallation fan head and water tank (Require two people for installation)
    • First one person gets fan gead up, then another person gets the water tank up and put wall braket into rolling side of wall mount.
    • Two people together get upper joint into bend tube and tighten holding screw to fix the fan and the bend tube.
    • Tipe power lines of fan motor and misting motor together by using plastic clamp and fix them onto bend tube. Attend to leave enough for fan oscillation (Each covering wire is hided in the back of water tank). See picture 3 below.untitled-31
  5. Testing
    • Make water tank full of water and check each connector of water inlet and see whether the connector are aleak or not.
    • Turn ball clique switch from”ON to “OFF” first. Get switch on the left to check if fan motor and blades operate in good condition.
    • Turn on misting cord switch on the right to check if misting motor, water pump and misting plate operate in good condition.
    • Turn the ball clique switch”OFF” to “ON” and check misting effect. Mist is bigger and drops come out when operating at the first thirty minutes. But after that, drops disappear gradually and mist becomes normal. See picture 4 below.