1. In order to keep the machine beautiful and wearing well, you should clean the machine timely.
  2. Please cut off the power before cleaning and disparting front guard and blade. Clean the machine with soft besom and cloth, if possible and you can use some cleanser (please don’t use gas or other corrosive liquid), after cleaning please dry the guard and blade with dry cloth, then install the machine reversedly. (Attention: mist plate inside misting system can’t be disparted).
  3. Please don’t let water flow into the motor and wet electric elements during cleaning, also don’t crash the blade and change the angle of the blade.
  4. In order to keep water clean in water tank, please wash the water tank, water-receiving plate at a proper time.
  5. To ensure machine can oscillate smoothly, please add grease oil to the rotary part of oscillating mechanism per a half  year.
  6. Please clean the machine and seal the whole machine with plastic bag when the machine not being used for a long time.


  1. Under the normal using conditions, the user can change a new one free and fet gree repair from seller in one year (from the data of purchase) if quality problem happened.
  2. We can promise to repair the machine forever, (but the repair should be charged after one year).
  3. We can’t give warranty if following problems happened:
    • The fault is caused by incorrect dispart, amandement and repair without proceeded by our company.
    • The fault is caused by natural disaster or incorrect operation.
    • The machine is not sealed by seller and without purchasing date.


  1. When opening packing box, please take machine head out as per direction sign.
  2. Don’t insert hands or any objects into the machine guards and misting plate.
  3. Upward and downward angle the machine must be adjusted within stated angle range.
  4. Don’t put the machine close to curtain, other easy inhalation and don’t put the machine on uneven place either.
  5. Children, elders and weak people can’t stand in front of the machine for a long time.
  6. If the power cord is broken, please ask proffesional person to change it with spesial tools.
  7. Please rush cut off the power and send the machine to our factory or appointed repair store to repair by qualified manitenance man if the running machine emit unusual niose, smoke or machine blade can not run after power supply.
  8. Except maintenance scope unprofessional person can’t dispart, repair and amend the machine.
  9. Take away moistureproof things when starting mist function in order to avoid moisture.


  1. Utilizes CAD optimized design, good and graceful-looking.
  2. The machine misting system adopts centrifugal misting excellent design, which does not need nozzle and water-filter equipment, reasonable structure and easy maintenance.
  3. The machine surface adopts outdoors’ epoxy coating, which makes the machine be good rust privention and long service life. The machine has waterproof electric facility, which makes the machine operate safe; it collocates handcart, which makes the machine move spry and light.
  4. The misting and blowing is separately moved by different motor. Motor adopts high qualitybearing, so the motor is with stable performance, low temperature-rising, low noise and strong overload.
  5. The  machine’s misting effect is excellent and mist volume can be adjusted. Water pump and floater switch collocate complete insulating equipment for protection which makes the machine safe and reliable. Floater switch collocate complete insulating equipment for proteection which makes the machine safe and reliable.  Floater switch can cut off electricity of water pump and misting motor automatically when water is not enough for mist.
  6. The machine has oscillation installation, and the blow angle can be adjustable, so it is easily, safely and reliably operated. It is suitable for cooling, dust and peculiar smell prevention in factory, household, marketplace and field; it also can be used in animals breeding field, flower greenhouse and mushroom breeding field and other fields.


  1. The machine must use the voltage, frequency specified on the nameplate. It isn’t suitable to be used in the too corrosive surrounding.
  2. Do not install this machine in places where the altitude is higher than 1000 meters or temperature is over 40°C.
  3. When socket is used in power supply, the socket should meet the IEC335-1 standard; when power liner is from direct power supply, a polarity switch should be installed with cantact gap not less than 3mm on the fixation wiring.
  4. The machine oscillation angle adjusment: Loosen the oscillation screw and move it to the needed position (the more outward the  more bigger oscillation angle) and tighten this oscilation screw.
  5. The machine pitching angle adjusment: Loosen the fixing nut and move the motor to the needed position and tighten this fixing nut.
  6. The machine has two cord switches. The forward one is speed-adjusted switch that controls high & medium & low for fan motor and the backward one is misting switch which controls misting motor and water pump. Misting switch can be used only when speed-adjusted switch is got through. Details are following:
    • First pulling is low level for fan motor,
    • Second pulling is medium level,
    • Third pulling is high level,
    • Fourth pulling is power off.

    They circulate like this. For misting switch first pulling is to get through misting motor and water pump; second pulling is to cut off power supply of misting motor and water pump. they circulate like this.

  7. If the machine is selected to operate by misting mode, its misting magnitude can be adjusted optionally between “OFF” and “ON”.
  8. If the machine is selected to operate by misting mode, then it should be injected appropriate water before operation (water is at least above floater switch) because it has protection function to water pump and misting motor when water is not enough for mist.  When water is below floater switch, electricity of water pump and misting motor will be cut off and the machine stops spraying, but it can continually blow. When water tank is injected water and it is at most misting state, it can continually operate 3 hours. Reinject water to get mist when water is not enough. Please open drain valve behind the tank to let water out when the water tank needs to be cleaned. (refer to picture 9).
  9. The handle is mounted on the stand pole, which can keep in and out. For detail operation methods, please refer to picture 11.
  10. When using the handcart, please skid the front cartwheel to avoid glide naturally when it stops, when moving the handcart, please loosen the front cartwheel lock. Before loosening the front cartwheel lock, and please do not move it to avoid damage.
  11. Please clean water tank before using, before cleaning, take out floater switch and water pump but please be careful not to damage floater switch.


Please refer to this sketch map during installation, check carefully all parts before installing to avoid lack or damage during transportation. Gently take and move all parts to avoid damage.

  1. Take out the water tank
  2. Take the water tank upward from eart-shelf and be careful to avoid it from hitting the water tank. See the picture 1 as below.


  3. Take out and install the water pump
    • Take out water pump carefully after breaking foam.Don’t take out water pump by pulling power cord and water pipe.
    • Place water pump upright on beamed trought in water tank (See right side of water tank as blow picture) and set power cord outside of the beamed trough. (See picture 2 pay attention to the direction of water pump).
  4. pic2

  5. Install stand pipe
  6. Take of four pieces of M8×20 bolts, spring washer, flat washer and nuts on the shelf. Put the stand pipe on the cart-shelf, aim at the four screw holes in the stand pipe and shelf, then drill through stand pipe, shelf from the top to down by four pieces of M8×20 bolts, add flat washer and nuts to install stand pipe on the shelf. See picture 3 as below.


  7. Install fan head
    • Take out fan head as per below picture’s requirements.
    • Set the motor tie-in in stand pipe tie-in, fasten the fixing screw on the m
  8. pic4

  9. Fix up power supply wire and tube
  10. Get throught the power supply wire of atomizing motor from the line enter hole in the stand pipe. Set the rubber circle into the line enter hole, then fix tighty the atomizing tube (NO.1) and water receiving tube (NO.2) to each time on the stand pipe. Refer to picture 5.


  11. Back cover board no.1 installation
    • Take off the 4pcs of M5 crews and gasket from the back board.
    • Set the power supply plug of atomizing motor into the socket, then connect the plug with four pins please pay attention to its direction and correctness.
    • Get through the circuity, put into the stand pipe groove, use 4pcs of M5 screws and gaskets to fix the back cover board 1 on the stand pipe. Refer to picture 6.


  12. Connection parts installation
    • Put the water tank on the caart shelf according to its original position.
    • Set the plug on back cover board 3 into the sockets, pay attention to its direction and correctness.  Refer to picture 7.
  13. pic7

  14. Back cover board 3 installation
    • Take down 4pcs M5 screws and gasket from the stand pipe
    • Put the well connected circuitry into the stand pipe groove, fix up back cover board 3 on the stand         pipe by those scrows and gaskets. Refer to picture 8.
  15. pic8

  16. Tube installation
  17. Take off the water tank cover, set the pump tube and circumfluence tube into corresponding tie-in, use the poop to fixup them, then covered with the water tank cover, please note : pump tube, circumfluence tube and pump power supply wire all should through the shape groove of the water tank cover. Refer to picture 9.


  18. Operating Inspection
    • Fill clean water into the tank (water is at least above floater switch), cover tank cover.
    • Turn ball clique from “on” to “off”, get through the power supply, pull the first speed-adjusting switch and check the atomizing motor and blade operating.
    • Pull the back misting switch, check the atomizing motor, pump, mixting plate operating.
    • Turn ball valve from “off” to “on” and check atomizing status. Refer to picture 10.
  19. pic10

  20. Instruction for handle
  21. Handle for this series product can be kept in and uot. If there is a need to move the machine, push forward type L pin of handle joining and turn the handle upwards 90 degree. While flexible washer of the pin touches handle joining, shorter end of type. Pin can insert the fixing hole in the handle joining under pressure of spring so that the handle is fixed and the machine can be moved forward. If there is a need to keep in the handle, push orward type L pin of handle joining and while flexible washer of the pin touches handle joining, the shorter end of type L pin leaves the fixing hole in the handle, then turn the handle downwards 90 degree. Refer to picture 11.