This powerful electric fan of desk and stand type of PE series is optimized designed and elaborately produced with 3 steps speed control function. The air delivery angle can he adjusted up and down wards at will in angle more than 90°. In the motor, a thermal protector s integrated which can operate repeatedly. The fan is using the low noise bearings and the fine mesh guards. The fan has such characteristics as safe and smooth running with abound air volume, low noise, low temperature rise, low power consumption, stabile median point and easily movable. It is an ideal electric appliance used for air ventilation and cooling in factories, lining areas, vehicle repair shops and other public places.

Wiring Diagram


Technical Parameter and Dimensions

Type Stage I Stage 2 Stage 3 Dimensions
Po- wer Speed Noise Air Po- wer Speed Noise Air Po- wer Speed Noise Air
volu- me volu- me volu- me mm
W rpm dB m³ / min W rpm dB m³ / min W rpm dB m³ / min A B C H
FE-30 31 950 58 27 35 1150 60 33 50 1400 62 41 390 200 360 405
FE-40 77 950 62 48 90 1150 64 60 120 1400 67 72 520 230 460 490
EE-45 95 950 63 57 120 1150 66 69 165 1400 69 84 570 220 510 545
FE-50 110 950 65 65 150 1150 68 78 190 1400 71 96 620 225 560 590

>900 Adjustment of the pitch angle • 3 steps speed control function

Assembly Scheme


1. Screw 2. Front guard 3. Blade 4. Nut 5. Motor 6. Rear guard 7. Screw 8. Square-neck bolt 9. Rubber washer 10. Retention bolt 11. Lock nut 12. Supporter 13. Power liner 14. Box


  1. The fan must use the voltage spesified on the name plate. It isn’t suitable to use the fan in the too moist or corrosive surrounding.
  2. Unscrew the fix screw (10) on the terminal box (14) and mount this box to the position on the supporter as shown in the above figure.
  3. The fan has 3 speed stages which can be by rotating the speed control switch the fan. The numbers 0,1,2 and 3 on the indicator are respectively off, slow, on medium and fast stages.
  4. Adjustment of the pitch angle : Loosen the adjusting nut and set the guards to form a pitch (attitude) angle as You required and tighten the nut.
  5. Bare-body children and elder should not be in the wind for a long time.
  6. To be careful when the fan is used near the opened window, curtain portiere or foliage.
  7. Please attend to our remark: “INDOOR USE ONLY!” Û© ta 4O°C.


  1. To avoid causing an accident, don’t touch the fan blades with your hand or a hard matter before the fan is stopped.
  2. Don’t lug the power lead outwards forcedly to avoid that the Lead comes off.
  3. Don’t replace the power lead yourself. To ensure the safety, Dower lead must be replaced by special repair service authorized is or send to us if the lead is absolutely to be replaced.
  4. To clean the fan, first cut off the power, remove the guards and fan blades, wash the dirt away with a soft cloth wetted by soap water or alcohol and wipe with a dry cloth. Don’t use gasoline o: my liquid etching the plastics and painting. Pay attention to that the fan blades shouldn’t be impacted and the angle of blades shouldn’t be changed.