0peration Instruction

  1. Operating conditions:
    1. Elevation of less than or equal to 1000 M.
    2. Ambient temperature ranging of 20 – 40 ºC
    3. Relative humidity of less than or equal to 90 % (at 25ºC)
    4. Maximun surface temperature of covering less than or equal to 200 ºC
    5. Use for ventilating in factory.

  2. Application:
  3. This product is suitable to the place where the spontaneous combustion temperature of the explosive mixed gas is higher than 200ºC, such as extraction and refinement of petroleum, making of various kinds of benzene, alcohol and medicine, lacquering, textile industry, drying, food processing, rubber producing, hydrogen sulphide, coke oven gas, hydrogen cyanide, carbon monoxide, diesel oil, coal oil, fuel oil, solvent petroleum,. washing petroleum etc. related factory, workshop, warehouse for ventilating.

  4. Caution:
    1. Before using, turn blades with hand, to be sure that the distance between blades and grill or frame must be uniform, adjust it !Voltage and frequency should tally with those marked on the nameplate.
    2. Check the insulating resistance of motor., If it is less than 2 MΩ, dry it in the oven up to 2 MΩ
    3. To adapt cable in different specification, the rubber hole for leading in wirer have reserved Ø 6.2 mm and Ø 7.5 mm, the rubber of hole Ø 6.2 mm has to be tore down when using one Ø 7.5 mm. Tighten the bolt which is used to press the rubber on the leading in wire and on the end of power cord.
    4. Before the power is supplied, reliable earthling ( outside and inside ) is needed.
    5. When heavy vibration of blades and abnormal noise occur during operation, cut off electricity supply immediately and look for cause.
    6. As power switch, it is necessary to use one of explosion proof type, or universal switch to be fitted in the place without explosive gases.
    7. The working life is four years. Beyond this limit, the machine can not be used in order to avoid accident.
  5. Maintenance:
    1. Check the machine once a year, clean the inside and outside, replace. lubricant in gear box, bearing housing and turning blades.
    2. During repairs, pay attention to each connecting surface indicated in figure 3, which is not allowable to be damaged and greasy.
    3. he insulating resistance of repaired motor should reach 2 MΩ.
    4. Pay attention to the item No.6 of caution in this instruction manual after maintenance.
    5. Some anti explosion knowledge is necessary to dismount in place with danger of explosive;. If the rubber piece for leading-in wire is damaged, or has been used for 1.5 years. please purchase from our factory to replace it.

Model Diameter Impeller Voltage Frequency Power
mm V Hz W
FTAD 40 400 220 / 240 50 150
FTAD 50 500 220 / 240 50 350
FTAD 60 650 220 / 240 50 650

Model Diameter Impeller Voltage Frequency Power
mm V Hz W
YAD 2 – 40 400 220 / 240 50 150
YAD 2 – 50 500 220 / 240 50 350
YAD 2 – 60 650 220 / 240 50 650