As one of the newest top class products for modern decoration. window ventilating fan is also an essential accessory of air conditioner. It can exhaust the foul and damp air, the steam smoke in the room. Applicable in houses, shops, hotels, restaurants etc.

Dimension (mm)

Model A B C D E F G
APC15-A 150 210 40 45 40 179 146
APC20-A 200 270 45 50 53 235 180

Technical Parameter

Model Voltage
Applicable Area
Air defivery
m³ / min
APC15-A 220 50 18 3 ~ 6 3,3 42
APC20-A 220 50 28 6 ~ 11 6,5 45


  1. Do not install this fan to the place where it could be directly
  2. Exposed to water or excess vapor.
  3. Never install this fan in the ceiling.
  4. Do not install the fan at a place where temperature is over 60°C.
  5. Use this fan at the indicated voltage and frequency on the name plate.
  6. When socket is used in power supply the socket should meet the IEC335-1 standard when power supply is from the direct changing, a polarity switch should be installed with contact gap not less than 3 mm on the charging line.


  1. First ensure the fan is turned off.
  2. Never use gasoline, benzene, thinner or other chemicals of this type for cleaning the ventilating fan.
  3. Do not allow water to contact the electical parts such as the motors .
  4. Do not clean the parts with water over 60°C.


  1. Under normal operation, any breakdown caused by manufacture can be exchanged or fixed free charge for one year.
  2. In the following caded, guarantee is not applicable:
    • Breakdown not caused by disassembly, refitment, repair of our company.
    • Natural disaster fire and other wrong operation.
    • Valid without the stamp of the seller and the indicater year.


  1. Make an installation hole
  2. Model A B
    APC15-A 185 ~ 188 mm 250mm
    APC20-A 247 ~ 250 mm 300mm
  3. Install the plastic gasket so hat the gap is positioned at he bottom of the holes.
  4. Remove the two screws and orifice
  5. Put the stopper at the bottom of the fan on the window glass, then press the upper part of the fan to secure the installation spring, Be sure that the stopper is not in the gap in the plastic gasket.
  6. Tighten the spring lock screw and lock screw. Be careful of excessive tightening which may break the window.
  7. Install the orifice with two screws.