This kind of exhaust fan has many distinctive advantage such as: large air delivery, low noise, stability operating, graceful appearance, electric consumption saving, convenience of installation and maintenance. It is suitable to be used in house, meeting room, office, stores, laboratory, hospital, kitchen etc for changing the air.


Install the exhaust fan according to the following steps


Installing Size

Spec A B
150 172 X 172 200 X 200
200 240 X 240 265 X 265
250 290 X 290 310 X 310
300 340 X 340 360 X 360


Usage Notice

  1. To avoid danger happening, the fan should be assembled to the place 2.3 meters high above ground. Do not install it on the ceiling or any places where have strong fog or water steam and it is easily sprayed by water.
  2. Never install in such place where has acid, explosive gas or alkali.
  3. Before installation, check the voltage and the frequency, which stipulated on the name plate whether it is tally with your local place’s electric supply.
  4. Green and yellow wire must be well ground connected.
  5. Before using, shake the blades by hands and make sure that there is no collision between the blades and support or frame. If there is any loose, circle the plastic cover tight.
  6. When you get power supply from a plug receptacle, the fan power cord should be equipped a plug that coincided to IEC safety standard. If the fan power cord connect to the power directly, there would be installed a full pole power switch, and the power switch contactors interval would not less than 3 mm ( View Drawing ).


  1. The exhaust fan should be polished each year. Before clearing, shut off the power. Never use kerosene, thinner or chemical dish cloth to clear the fan. After cleaning, pour a little of SAN 20 good quality sewing machine oil into its bearing
  2. If the fan is not used for a long time, it should be well packed and deposited in dry places.


Specie (mm) Voltage (V) Frequency (Hz) Power (W) Air delivery (m³/min)
Out In
150 220-240 50 25 4,5 /
200 220-240 50 30 7,8 5,5
250 220-240 50 40 11,4 8,6
300 220-240 50 45 16,4 12,3

Connecting Drawing