As one of the newest top-class products for modern decoration. tubular ventilating fan is also an essential accessory of air conditioner. It can exhaust the foul and damp air, the steam smoke in the room. Applicable in houses, shops, hotels, restaurants etc.


Model A B C D E F G H Duct size
BPT12-02-A 210 194 84 185 121 170 247 21 Ø 100
BPT12-14-A 268 252 140 200 135 230 288 17 Ø 100
BPT18-44-A 357 334 200 227 140 310 370 23 Ø 150

Technical Parameter

Model Rating voltage Rating frequency Power Air delivery Air pressure Noise
BPT12-02-A 220 V 50 Hz 18 W 1.5 m³ / min 96 Pa 35 dB
BPT12-14-A 220 V 50 Hz 28 W 2.5 m³ / min 180 Pa 37 dB
BPT18-44-A 220 V 50 Hz 44 W 6.7 m³ / min 240 Pa 40 dB

Wiring Diagram



  1. Do not install in places with high temperature.
  2. The distance between frame bottom and bottom is more than 5 cm.
  3. The distance between fan and ground is more than 2,3 m.
  4. Be sure appropriately ground the fan.
  5. When power supply comes from socket, the plug must accord with IEC-335. When the power cord is connected with charging line directly, all polarity switch that the contact gap is 3 mm at least must be in the charging line.
  6. Do not form the duct as shown below.





Duct connection and adhesion of ceiling plate

  1. Insert the duct into the adaptor and secure it with tape. Suspend the duct from the ceiling so that no force is applied to the body enclosure.
  2. For use in bathrooms. Install the duct with a gradient to the outside.
  3. Install so that the ceiling plate comes to the surface of the frame with no gap in between

Test run and louver attachment

  1. When then the power is turned on check for malfunctions as follows: Fan rotation normally ? No abnormal vibration or sound ?
  2. Insert the springs into the holes for spring and mount the louver to the body enclosure.


  1. First ensure the fan is turned off.
  2. Never use gasoline, benzene, thinner or other chemicals of this type for cleaning the ventilating fan.
  3. Do not allow water to contact the electrical parts such as the motors .
  4. Do not clean the parts with water over 60°C.


  1. Under normal operation, any breakdown caused by manufacture can be exchanged or fixed free c charge for one year.
  2. In the following caded,guarantee is not applicable.
  3. Breakdown not caused by disassembly, refitment,repair of our company.
    Natural disaster fire and other wrong operation.
    Valid without the stamp of the seller and the indicater year