1. Industry rotary fan is one of the best fans in our factory. Optimized design, elaborately making, stylish outlook, the fan is .an ideal electric appliance used for air ventilation and it is special to apply on cooling in school, hotel, store, bus station, public place of entertainment and so on.
  2. Adopt nice pressure casting technology, light weight and luxury appearance.
  3. Built in thermal protector in the motor and ensure overload protective. Adopt high quality bearings, so motor with long running life, low noise and low temperature rising.
  4. With three speeds,360° air delivery and three blowy angels for adjustment, original design with three fan fixed directions overcomes the defect of only fixed position of traditional ceiling rotary fans. Installing position becomes more flexible and convenient with a wider adaptability.


  1. Don’t use the fan beyond the height of elevation 1000 meters or in place with temperature over 40°C.
  2. This fan must be working under same fixed voltage and frequency in the rating label.
  3. Install the fan according to installing instruction.Before installation. please check carefully if all parts supplied have damages caused during transport.
  4. The lowest installation height of this fan must he more than 2.3 m and be sure to make safe installation.
  5. Connect the line of the switch and the fan with the power supply according to the circuit diagram. The lowest installation height of speed regulating box is more than 1,5 m.
  6. By turning switch can get three speeds. On switch lahle, 0, 1, 2, 3 indicates OFF, SLOW SPEED, MEDIUM SPEED and HIGH SPEED.
  7. When the power code is connected with charging line directly, all polarity switch that the contact gap is 3 mm at least must be in the charging line.
  8. Three basic rotary angles for adjustment and three excursion blowy angles to choose. Please adjust proper angel before installation. Choice for three basic rotary angles :
  9. According to the fan installation height and diameter of blowy center covered area to choose the fan blowy angel. The below charts are diameters of blowy center covered area for three basic blowy angels when installing at certain height. The actual diameter of blowy covered area is about equal to two times diameters of air center.

    For instance, when the fan is installed at the height between 2.3 m and 2.8 m, the diameter of air covered area is about 2.0 m, and the blowy angel is 25° .



  1. Adjustment for blowy basic angel
  2. Put the fan flatly on the table and use the hand to press the oscillating connecting rod to thin part on screw



  1. Install rear guard
  2. Take down four screws on the front cover of the motor, then use them to fix the rear guard on the motor.

  3. Install blades
    • Put blade into motor shaft and use the tools to tighten the screws in the blades. Make sure the screws are in the holes of the shaft tightly.
    • Use one hand to move the blades and make sure them have no grating with rear guard.


  4. Install front guard
    • Use one M4X18 bolt and M4 nut to fix the guard quoit properly.
    • Put the front guard on the rear guar, and then use the guard quoit to fasten the front guard and rear guard, and screw down the nut.
    • Use stuff to stir the blade to ensure the blade can move smoothly, and has not any interposition with other parts.


  5. Install the fanText Box: cover
    • Take out fixed board Loose two screws on the fixed board and get’ the fixed board by moving clockwise.
    • ceiling-rotary-fan6

    • Fix the fixed board on the ceiling with four M6X65 explosive bolt;Or fix it on the ceiling through the Ø8 on the fixed board in other ways.
    • ceiling-rotary-fan7

    • Put the pothook into the hole of the fixed board and contrarotate,then fix the pothook on the fixed board.
    • Fix the supporting board on the fixed board from side with two M4X10 screws


  6. Install regulating box
    • Open the front cover of the box.
    • Fix the below cover on the wall through four holes on the below cover of the box. c, Fix the front cover with screws.
    • Connect the wires according to the wiring drawing



  1. Use the fan safely according to the instruction.
  2. Fans must have reliable grounding connection. Here the yellow/green insulating leads are for grounding connection.
  3. Don’t install the fan near the curtain. portiere and such like places in case of danger.
  4. Don’t place any objects through guards into blade when the fan is running.
  5. Don’t install this fan in places where temperature is over40 °C ,too wet(eg bathroom etc), dusty or caustic.
  6. If has breakdown of wire, to ensure safety, please send to maintenance station or our factory.
  7. Close power supply under these conditions: A.long time no use; B.assemble or disassemble parts; C.adjust blowy angels or blowy excursion angels.
  8. Besides our stating maintenances, non-professional is forbidden to disassemble the fan.


  1. The fan must be cleaned periodically to keep clean and attractive.
  2. To clean the fan, first cut off the power, remove the guards and fan blades, wash the dirt away with a soft cloth wetted by soap water or alcohol and wipe with a dry cloth. Don’t use gasoline or any liquid etching the plating and painting.
  3. Install the fan correctly as the assembling steps after cleaning, Make sure the blades being fixed tightly in the bearings.
  4. After assembling, run fan with a slim pole to ensure well-balance and have grating.
  5. Please envelop the fan properly when long time no use.
  6. NOTE:
    • Avoid the guard and blades deformed during maintenance.
    • The power supply must be closed during the whole maintenance.
    • Don’t web the motor and inner electric box during cleaning.