1. Optimized design, elaborate make, good and graceful-looking.
  2. The motor adopts high quality bearing and excellent design, which makes the motor low noise and long service life
  3. The fan has such characteristics as safe and smooth running with abound air volume, low noise, low temperature rise and low power consumption.
  4. It is suitable for the ventilating in the factory, household, office, hotel and public place of entertainment.


  1. Please mount the fan according to the mounting scheme. Before mounting, please check carefully all parts supplied for damage caused during the transport.
  2. Do not install the fan places where temperature is over 40ºC or the altitude is higher than 1,000 m.
  3. The fan must use the voltage and frequency specified on the name plate. It isn’t suitable to use the fan in the too moist or corrosive surrounding.
  4. Rotate the blade before using, ensure the blade is in good order and no touch to the frame. After electrification, check the blade swerve, the right swerve is that the blade is rotating directly. If the swerve is wrong, it can lead to loose of the tighten screws, even cause heavy accident.
  5. If the fan install the place that congronts the strong wind, please add one cover.
  6. When socket is used in power supply, the socket should meet the IEC335-1 standard, when power supply is from direct charging, a polarity switch should be installed with contact gap less than 3 mm on the charging line.
  7. The cord with yellow and green colors is grounding cord.


  1. To avoid causing an accident, don’t touch the blades with your hand or hard staff before the fan is stopped.
  2. When the fan occurs such as exceptional noise, smoking, stopping removing please cut off the power. The fan must be returned to our factory or be replaced by special repair service authorized by us .
  3. If the power cord is damaged, don’t replace the power lead yourself. To ensure the safety, the power lead must be replaced by repair service authorized by us or a similarly qualified person or sent to us if the lead is absolutely to be replaced
  4. Dont’t use the three prong plug with a two prong socket.
  5. Expecting in the maintaining range stipulated by the user manual, do no apart or exchange the fan.
  6. Please be noted to our remark: “INDOOR USE ONLY!”Û©-ta400C


  1. The fan must be cleaned periodically to keep clean and attractive
  2. When cleaning the fan, first please cut off the power and stop the blade.
  3. Removing the fan from the wooden frame, wash the dirt away with a soft cloth, wet by soap water or alcohol and wipe with a dry cloth. Don’t use gasoline or any liquid etching the plastic and painting.
  4. When clean the fan, please pay attentions to the below points:
    • Try not to apart every part to clean.
    • Don’t make the motor or the other electric part to be directly exposed to water or excess vapor.
    • The shutter and blade should not be impacted and the angle of shutter or blades shouldn’t be changed.

Technical Parameter

Model Voltage Frekuency Power Speed Air


Noise Mounting Dimension (mm)
V Hz W RPM m³/h dB A B C D E F H
FBD30–4 220 50 45 1400 1080 58 340 331 300 12 330 60 215
FBD35–4 220 50 75 1400 2280 65 413 386 350 12 376 60 235
FBD40–4 220 50 145 1400 2880 67 480 438 400 15 430 60 270
FBS40–4 380 50 130 1400 2880 67 480 438 400 15 430 60 230

Note : no further notice if above data change




  1. Fit the ventilating fan into the wooden frame and secure it with 4 screws.
  2. The distance between grounding and the ventilating fan is more than 2.3 m.


  1. Under normal operation, any breakdown caused by quality can be exchanged or fixed within one year (base on sale date).
  2. Our products have permanent maintenance. Material and repairing will be charged after “Guarantee period” .
  3. In the following cases, guarantee is not applicable:
    • Breakdown not caused by installation, reconstruction, repair of our company.
    • Natural disaster fire and other wrong operation.
    • Validity without stamp of the seller and the indicated year.