The design theory for this fan is scientific and reasonable. It is added with removable function and pitching function on its supporting and installation structure. With it is supporting housing and wheel, the blower can be swang and placed firmly on the most suitable using place. Pitching functions depended on the rotating axle and lockable handle, it is more easy and neatly to have the blower blowing it is wind to every position.
Station axial blower can be placed on the floor as well as installed on the steel girder, column and so on after it is disassembly.this kind of blower is used in factory, warehouse, bus stations, exhibition hall, to cooling down the temperature.

Type Power Voltage Speed Pressure Capacity Weight Measurement
KW V RPM Pa m³ / h Kg mm
YBC 3,0 3 380 2880 2100 3000 108 120 x 70 x 85
YBC 4,0 4 380 2890 2300 4000 110 126 x 70 x 89
YBC 5,5 5,5 380 2900 2500 5600 156 137 x 78 x 93