DT-F Series Centrifugal Fan.JPG

Model Frequency Arus Power Voltage Speed Capacity Pressure Impeller Diameter
Hz A KW V RPM m³ / h Pa mm
1,5 A 50 2,9 0,37 220 2800 1020 548 150
2,0 A 50 4,1 0,37 220 1400 1000 190 200
2,5 A 50 5,1 0,75 220 1400 2000 246 250

Check Before Installation

Please check the fan when the product arrive:

  1. Check whether the product type is correct and the data plate is clear and correct.
  2. Check the parts of the fan, whether they are damaged or become deformed.
  3. Check the turning parts of the fan, whether they are rubbing or touching each other.

Test and Operation

Check and test the following items after completing installation:

  1. Ensure that the turning parts of the fan can turn flexibly and have lot any rubbing or touching noise.
  2. Ensure that power id linking correctly and the type of control power is correct.
  3. Ensure all the linking parts link formly.
  4. Ensure that there is not anything else in the fan.


Please pay attention to these items:

  1. Be careful when the fan is hoisted ,the hoisting position must locate firmly.
  2. The fan must be installed on firm root and be fixed by mounting feet screw.
  3. In order to reduce the vibration , you should install a rigid dampener.


In order to ensure the fan operating normally, you should maintain the fan according to these items during the use :

  1. The turning parts should be lubricated regularly.
  2. You should clean the fan regularly , otherwise the dynamic balance is easy to be damaged.
  3. Check the linking parts regularly.
  4. Do not allow water to contact the electrical parts such as motor.