• Big airflow, high efficiency, low noise
  • Cooling and humidifying
  • Stainless-steel water tank, large capacity and anti corrosive
  • Maximum temperature drop can be reached 4 C
  • Cold water circling use, long operating for a tank  of water.
  • Automatic protective device for pump running when water is not enough.

Work Principlecooling-water

  • Take out the cold water from water tank to top distributary tube by pump.
  • Distributary tube make water afflux curtain equably.
  • Fan system take the hot air through curtain
  • Hot air and cold water doing heat exchange in the mesh of curtain, decrease the temperature accordingly, and increase air humidity
  • Water flow streaming from top whole curtain, and increase air humidity finally.
  • Due to the vaporizing of moisture, the water will be decreased, when the water is to less will feel water level switch, then start up, shut pump and brighten water tank caution light.

Outer Dimension


Impeler Dia Air Volume Temperature Reduce Fan Speed Motor Input Power Voltage Phase Water Tank Cubage Weight (water tank empty) Weight (water tank full)
550 mm 5000m3/h 3-4° C 870 r/min 320 W 220-240 80 L 40.5 120.5 kg