2. This manual is applicable to GIF series Axial Fan .

  3. USE
  4. GLF axial fan is suitable for transporting clean, air without flammability, explosion,  mucosity and corrosion, the air temperature shouldn’t beyond 60 °C and the medium content less than 150 mg/m³ Widely used in the industrial plant where need ventilation or heat reducing.

    • Ensure that all the parts are in good condition ,  if the fan is damaged because of the transport or package, repair it before installation.
    • Please check the linking parts whether they are loose, the clearance between the scroll and the impeller should be even.
    • The fan must be naturally matched to the base,  forbid hammering the fan forcibly, ensure the fan is hoisted horizontally and the bolts are tightened.
    • The voltage of three phase power is 380 v and the frequency is 50 HZ. The voltage should not over ± 5 % of the rating voltage.
    • The motor wire must be connected by the care man to ensure the veracity of the connection and safety.
    • Be sure there is nothing in front the fan
    1. Please check the following items before operation:
      • The connection is right
      • No abnormity in use
      • The power isn’ t over loading
      • The arrow accords with the sign
    2. Take a test before using, ensure the fan is normal.
    3. Forbid operating and stopping the fan excessively or the motor will burnout.
    4. Shut down the power when the shutter can’t self acting. Please check the fan parts regularly, ensure the fan is normal when is to be used.
    5. To avoid the damage caused by the fan vibration, you should check the impeller regularly every month, if there is dust or grease, please clear them before using.
    6. Please attension the V belt for the belt drive system, it will become loose after a long time.


Model Speed (r/min) Volume (m³/h) Noise dB(A) Power (kW) Voltage (V) Weight ( kg ) Dimension AxBxH (mm)
GLF 9. 5 450 32000 55 0,75 380 55 1060×400×1060
GLF 11. 2 450 37000 65 0,75 380 65 1220×400×1220
GLF 12.5 450 44500 85 1,1 380 85 1380×400×1380


This fan has moving parts that can cause serious bodily injury before operation or starting maintenance read this manual. During Operation

  1. Keep body, hands, and foreign objects away from the inlet, the outlet, and the other moving parts of the fan.
  2. Before starting maintenance work:, lock power off position and immobilize fan wheel.
  3. Do not operate the fan without the safety net.