• Designed for installation in a ducted ventilation such as General ventilation of commercial and industrial sites, warehouse and storage ventilation, car parks and public buildings.
  • Available in sizes 315 up to 2000mm.
  • The casings are manufactured from high grade rolled and flanged sheet steel and protected by polyester paint finish.
  • The impellers are manufactured from aluminium injection-moulded (from 315 up to 1250) and high grade die cast aluminium (from 1400 up to 2000).
  • The complete adjustment of blade pitch angle provides precise selection of pressure  and airflow.
  • All impeller are dynamically balanced to ISO-1940 to ensure vibration-free running.
  • All series are using asynchronous induction motors with a squirrel cage rotor as standard. The motors with specification: three Phase 380V/50Hz, class F Insulation and IP 55 protection system.